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What I Do

Human Resources: Hiring, Benefits, Policies

Need new staff, but too busy to post the job and manage applicants? I have recruited and screened hundreds of job seekers, and can deliver qualified candidates for you to interview. And I'm experienced in upgrading benefits, policies, and developing training programs.

  • Job Descriptions

  • Interview questions

  • Skills testing

  • References

  • Training programs

  • Benefits

  • Personnel policies

  • Evaluations and reviews

Expand Management Team Capacity

The owners of one company I work with are masters at sales, engineering, and doing quality installations. The office staff has solid bookkeeping, scheduling and customer service skills. What they need is strategic planning, human resources management, and to strengthen a positive company culture.


The solution: for 15 - 25 hours a month, I’m a member of the management team. We meet weekly to discuss management issues, review financials, address urgent concerns and set long term goals. I handle recruiting and applicant screening; they interview qualified candidates. We've updated the employee handbook, established profit sharing, and developed improved safety policies, procedures and training. With 12 employees, they didn't need another full-time manager. My strengths complement theirs. Together we’re a team.

Business Systems for Startups & Rapid Growth

You have a viable business idea...or maybe your business is small and growing fast... or you just secured financing and you’re ready to launch.


At Flourish Farm, Vermont's Cricket Farm, I found the right ecommerce platform, established email and file sharing, surveyed the competition, set up order fulfillment, and handled recruiting for their first hire. 

Charlene's expertise and 'systems' thinking helped to bring my business to the next level. Her hiring skills brought two excellent managers to my leadership team and she helped us to develop new systems for our growing business. Charlene is smart, thorough and follows through on every detail. 

Lisa Ransom, Founder & Owner |

Grow Compost of Vermont

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